Magic Cat Academy

In 2016 I was tasked with the creation of the story, animation, and gameplay concept of the game! Let's go on a journey with a selection of work...

---Early stuff!---

The mood we wanted to convey.

Among a variety of pitches, the one we settled on developing further was about a cat wizard who drew spells to eliminate enemies closing in on them. From there, I came up with story and motivations.

The original concept was that you were brewing a soup so good, it raised the dead.
Another concept was that a dog and a cat, dressed in wizard/witch costumes, fought vacuums.

The concept we finally settled on was the scariest idea of all: taking an exam in school.

Early cat designs!

Ghost explorations

Final Boss exploration. I wanted the final boss to be very huge and intimidating, similar to Baby Bowser at the end of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
Very early motion study for the tutorial.



I was in charge of creating rough animation for anything that was to be animated, as well as the final animations for the boss characters.

(Ending animations, minus the "NO")

This was definitely my absolute favorite project to work on during my time at Google, and I still like to think of this project fondly. (Also because I got to make my family's cat, Momo, the main character!)
Thanks for looking!

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