Demo Reels

The Goldfish Kite


A boy chasing after his runaway kite is led to a magical place.

Official selection for Animation Block Party 2014

Wazdot? Book Trailer

Art assets by Michael Slack


Finally Arrived

Several years ago, my mom took my brothers and myself all the way to China for a trip (Dad was already there). We did not make the trip easy for her.

Laundry+Donut Day with Miss Monsterfoot

Beep Boop

Colors by Olivia Huynh
Animation by Juliana Chen

Super Smash Mascots

Visual Development Portfolio

Adventure's Child - First Meeting


Golden Week Festival 2014 - Flyer

Best Friends


A man and a dog struggle with the command, "stay."
MICA junior film. Music by Olafur Arnalds. I do not claim any credit for the music.

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