Demo Reel

The End of Dog Years - FoxADHD

Yours and Mine - FoxADHD

A gif inspired by Beyonce's short film, Yours and Mine.

T's Antics - FoxADHD

Happy New Year, 2015!

These are all gifs I created for FoxADHD's Tumblr page!

Do not touch my Donut

Let's Build a Snowman...

Beach Body

Too Cold!

The Goldfish Kite


A boy chasing after his runaway kite is led to a magical place.

Official selection for Animation Block Party 2014

Hank and snOliver in Put Down the Phone! Book Trailer

Art Assets by Nate Williams
Animation by Juliana Chen

Animated Advent Calendar: Snow Dogs

Animated by Juliana Chen
Coloring and Background by Olivia Huynh

Wazdot? Book Trailer

Art assets by Michael Slack


Aerial Animation

Aerial Animation: Semi-Final Performance for American's Got Talent

I animated the Pegasus's actions during its flight. Below are selected gifs of my parts!

Fashion Pin-ups

Candy Boy

Sweater Season


Seen at the Mall
Cloudy Day

Night Walk

Best Friends

Finally Arrived

Several years ago, my mom took my brothers and myself all the way to China for a trip (Dad was already there). We did not make the trip easy for her.
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