Demo Reel

Play Ball for One

Ancient the Hero

Ancient the Hero is a comic/game hybrid I'm currently developing! Below are a handful of concepts and explorations.

Pudgy Penguin

A collaboration with Olivia Huynh for Loop De Loop's challenge, Gravity.
I did the rough animation, which you can see below!

FoxADHD Animated Gifs

Happy New Year!

The end of Dog Years!

Beyonce's Your's and Mine

Do not touch my Donut

Let's Build a Snowman...

Beach Body

Too Cold!

The Goldfish Kite

A boy chasing after his runaway kite is led to a magical place.

Official selection for Animation Block Party 2014

Below are some work-in-progress gifs I shared during production!


A man and a dog struggle with the command, "stay."
MICA junior film. Music by Olafur Arnalds. I do not claim any credit for the music.

Below are some work-in-progress gifs!

Hank and snOliver in Put Down the Phone! Book Trailer

Art Assets by Nate Williams
Animation by Juliana Chen

Animated Advent Calendar: Snow Dogs

Animated by Juliana Chen
Coloring and Background by Olivia Huynh
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